What is Saints & Stones?

Join in if you want to lose yourself in the world of ancient Argyll. Standing stones, Iron Age riches, lost Saints and even islands! Be part of an imagining of the destiny of a landscape as the ancient inhabitants are confronted with the the arrival of the first waves of the Christianity to them and the repercussions of it through time. Only paid content subscribers will receive all the chapter drafts, event invitations, and extra resources. Your subscription helps make it possible to devote more time to writing this work and creating events for everyone as I research. Other ways to support my work is to purchase any of my books or courses, or buy me a coffee! Every little bit is much appreciated.

About the Author

An answerer of calls, SL Sourwine has returned to Canada after 23 years away.  She's replanting herself on the edge of the Rocky Mountains and looking out on the Great Plains of her childhood.   

In 2019 she answered a call and moved to a sweet cottage on the edge of Loch Fyne in Scotland for three years.  It led to an unprecedented adventure in rewilding her own life and entering into a deep relationship with the landscape around her.   A three book series of Letters from The Gardeners Cottage is now available.  The land of that place had a lot of lessons and stories for her though and she's now trying to turn them into a work of fiction and sharing the process here on Substack. Writing and creating for Susie involves lots of walking with her Old English Sheepdog companion Alfred who is so far enjoying emigration to Canada. 

Susie is passionate about shedding the internal systems (and acknowledging the external) that keep people from reaching for the life and work they want.  Her first book A Little Book of Permission and the short audio course on How to Give Yourself Permission is a simple way to get started on the journey to your dreams.  You can also work directly with her by booking a private Permission Session.  Subscribe to Permission Granted and get each post delivered directly to your inbox. I hope to help you know what you want, make decisions and take action towards your dreams.

Before writing, returning and rewilding, SL Sourwine built a twenty-year career in international horse racing with only her passion for horses, the sport, and an English degree. Her experiences ranged from being the volunteer flower gardener at the tiniest of courses in Saskatchewan, Canada to being involved with a winner at Royal Ascot.  Going on to start her own consulting company, the freedom to work on innovative projects led her to founding a new technology company and to finally start to get some books out of her head and onto paper.


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Immerse yourself in the making of a novel and the landscape of ancient Scotland.


Author SL Sourwine writes about How to Give Yourself Permission and step into the life you want and is in the process of researching and writing a novel about the lost women of the Age of Saints on the west coast of Scotland.